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Toyama Prefecture 

I didn't buy it by looking at the real thing, but I consulted about the size after looking at the blueprint of the house. was. I was so excited until it arrived.

Aichi Prefecture    S

I am really glad that I asked Mr. Kazuki to order a rug for the first time in my life. Starting with the precious experience of visiting the designer's atelier, I am truly grateful for your kindness from start to finish.

Mr. K from Tokyo

I've been looking at the site called TABROOM for a long time, and I've been wondering about it.
I didn't have a rug that I liked, and I was really in trouble, so I gathered the courage and made an inquiry.
It was an exciting and really fun time until the rug was delivered after listening to many requests. Cherish the rug for a lifetime!

We have posted your feedback.

Toyama Prefecture 

I actually went to the store to see it and was looking for it, but this is not good enough! I couldn't find what I wanted, so I found this rug on the internet and bought it because I was attracted to its simple yet unique and modern design.
Also, building a new house is a trigger. The house was built with a lot of attention to detail, so I didn't want to compromise on the rugs, so I searched for something I really liked.

Toyama Prefecture     Dear N

It's been more than two years since I bought it, but I'm glad I chose this rug. Customers who visit our home say, "This rug is lovely." It feels comfortable to touch with bare feet, and I think it's a place where families naturally gather.

Aichi Prefecture    S

Because of my profession, I have opportunities to come into contact with things called interior, but the rug made by Mr. Kazuki is filled with the soul of the designer and the craftsman. Every time I look at it, I feel healed and energized.
I think it's really amazing.

Aichi Prefecture    S

I immediately put it in my living room, and I really liked it because the size was perfect and it was just as I imagined, or even cooler than I imagined! In addition, I feel satisfied every time I touch the fluffy legs. I also really liked the design and feel of the smaller size rug I purchased for my entryway. Very satisfied!

Chiba Prefecture    U

It's the so-called love at first sight lol. I was worried about having an infant and budget, but I took the plunge and made an inquiry. The decisive blow for the purchase is 2 points. This is because I felt the designer's polite response and the designer's thoughts on the home of the prospective purchaser. I thought it would be nice to have something that conveys the feelings of the author, and when I received the reply from the inquiry, I made up my mind.

Aichi Prefecture    S

It seems that my parents really liked the color and thickness.
It seemed to go well with the sofa, and I was relieved when I looked for it remotely.
I went back to my hometown last month and found it to be new, as if it had been there for a long time, and my parents really liked it.

​ Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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