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iF design award 2022

Musashino Art University, our alma mater, has published an interview with Katsuki. The article includes what she thought about when she was a student and what she talked about her current job. Please take a look.

<These images are two drawings that Katsuki made as a student.

Our new rugs were featured in WWD JAPAN 2021 <Vol.2213>, which went on sale on November 22. <The page number is on page 17> We hope you will take a look at it.


Blog note has started!

デザイナーズFILE 2021

Notice of Publication in Designer's File 2021

I have now started a NOTE.

I write about the background of making things and what I think about every day.

We hope you will enjoy reading it.

We are pleased to announce "A Space for Concord/The Journey to Your Creation Flourishing Vol.2" at DESIGNART TOKYO 2021.


Location: Tokyu Plaza Shibuya

Exhibition Period : Fri. 22 October - Sun. 31 October, 2021

Opening hours : 11:00-20:00

Katsuki's work was featured in DESIGNER`S FILE 2021, issued in March 2021. <The page number:158〜159>.

I'm home

"I'm home" Publication Notice

"ELLE DECOR" Publication Notice

Katsuki Connection's products were featured in the June issue of "I'm home" No.112.   <The page number​:40>

Textile "Mugen" designed by Katsuki was featured in the April issue of ELLE DECOR JAPAN. <The page number:73>

Textile《MUGEN》: Launched by träffa träffa

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