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“A space for concord / the journey to your creation flourishing”
Admiring the moon. Tranquil sailing. Composing a tanka poem. Infusing a single piece of paper with a wish and folding it into different origami shapes. In ancient times, people sought depth in their lives by incorporating a sense of fun into it. I’d like people today to incorporate that same sense of fun into products and enjoy each and every day in a creative way. It is from this desire that this story began.
With “A space for concord / the journey to your creation flourishing”, contrastive items – the sun and the moon, yatagarasu (the mythical raven that aided Emperor Jimmu on his eastern expedition) and its shadow, the sea and the sky – being concordant shows that values and world views are limitless. By adding a final touch of spice yourself – applying a collage to a cushion, arranging a rug like you would a piece of art – your very own unique creative space is born. Designs and stories that capture the essence of Japan’s arts and culture handed down through reliable techniques quietly align themselves with peoples’ lives and are sure to stir up a pleasant breeze. How about enjoying the journey of life by living life creatively in your own way?

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