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About hand tufted rugs and production flow

01 spool

Threads are wound at the handtuft factory.
​This is an important process because the degree of winding changes the impression of the surface of the rug. The yarn uses wool yarn spun at a domestic factory.


03 Draft drawing

After adjusting the tension of the fabric evenly, the design is carefully transferred to the base fabric.


05 Brushing process

After the finished rug is removed from the production frame, apply glue to the back and let it dry.
After that, comb the hair with a comb as shown in the photo, and comb out the cotton many times. By doing this process properly, you can reduce playful hair.


02 Tension tension of base fabric

Hook the fabric on the needle and tension it evenly. By adjusting the tension of the cloth evenly, it prevents the pattern from being distorted.


04 Produced using a hook gun

Use the hook gun to drive in the thread according to the pattern shown below. The hook gun is heavier than you might imagine, so holding it for a long period of time is hard work.


06 Surface shirring

After scraping out the cotton, the surface is shirred using a machine. By shirring many times, the length of the hair on the surface is evened out. It is a very important process. The beautiful shirring brings out the luster of the wool and makes it possible to express the pattern sharply.


07 Edge cut

Cut the hair on the edge with scissors as shown in the picture.
After completion, the product is inspected, tagged with Katsuki Connection, and delivered to the customer.

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