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Rug & Carpet Care

About wool

Wool rugs (rugs and carpets) have been used as the most expensive material since ancient times.

It's been broken Katsuki Connection is designed to be breathable in hot summers and warm in cold winters.

We use "wool" to create a large space. There are various types of wool around the world.

However, we use a blend of New Zealand and British wool.

In addition, the wool material is durable, stain resistant, and has a very beautiful color.

is. The reason why the color development is so beautiful is that wool is made of about 20 kinds of amino acids.

It's me. Materials containing amino acids have a very good "compatibility with dyes", so they can be used more beautifully.

It will be dyed beautifully.

wool 子羊

daily care

The best cleaning method for wool carpets and rugs is vacuuming.
maintenance by the team.
With wool, the material on the outside of the thread peels off little by little, so it is reborn every day.
It's like being there. By vacuuming the peeled cotton with a vacuum cleaner,
You can use it cleanly for a long time.

We ask that you vacuum every day for the first six months, but after that
If you use it at home, we recommend that you vacuum it once a week.
We are looking forward to seeing you. When using in public facilities, please vacuum every day
This will help remove some dirt from your shoes. vacuum cleaner with suction
is recommended. Vacuum cleaners like the Roomba have less suction power, so wool
Not suitable for material rugs and carpets.


About loose hair

Cotton, which is generally called playful hair, will appear a lot for up to 3 months after delivery, so please clean it.
We recommend that you use the machine every day.
After about half a year, the natural luster of the wool will come out. After that, the cotton will come out little by little.
but it will gradually decrease. Worried about losing hair
However, even a hotel where nearly 3,000 people walk a day will not last for nearly 10 years.
We are using it. Please use it with confidence.


1. The effect of playful hair that Kazuki realized →

2. What do you do with loose rug threads? 

3. Do wool rugs shrink? 


Maintenance of partial contamination

If you spill wine, etc., wipe it off quickly with an absorbent napkin or dry towel.

After that, wipe off the water by pressing it with a clean wet towel, and repeat the process of wiping it off again with a dry towel.

Even if some dirt remains, it will gradually disappear due to playful hair.

Remove sticky dirt with a fork or spoon, taking care not to spread it. If you use a neutral detergent, please dilute the neutral detergent 30 times and use it. If detergent remains, it may cause stains, so please wipe it off with a wet towel. If the liquid is spilled and left for more than a day, it will be difficult to remove the dirt. Also, please note that if you rub it, the dirt will spread and it will not be possible to repair it.

[  product warranty]

・Please check it immediately after delivery to your company, and if there is any problem, please contact us within 3 days after arrival at your company.

" Warranty period "
・It will be one year after delivery from our company to your company. (It starts on the day after the delivery date and ends after one year.)

1.   If this product fails during the warranty period and under normal use conditions according to the product's instruction manual, please notify us of the failure.

2.   Even during the warranty period, defective products will not be replaced in the following cases.

•   If you do not present the warranty card, delivery note, and product.
•   when the specified items are not stated on the delivery note, or when the stated words are rewritten or added.
If the listed product is not the target product.
•   When the target product is damaged or malfunctions unexpectedly or for reasons other than the intended use specified by us.
•   Failure to clean the product as required by the user as described in the instruction manual for this product.
•   failure or damage outside the body of the product.
• Failure or damage to this product caused by moving or dropping it after installation.
•   When used in environments beyond normal expectations (excessive humidity and temperature).
•   Failure or damage to this product caused by natural disasters, man-made disasters, earthquakes, or fires.
•   usage error (use other than described in the instruction manual).
•   In case of failure or damage due to external factors such as animals and plants.
•   failure or damage outside the body of the product.
•  A part that does not interfere with normal use and is equivalent to the range of deterioration over time

    (natural color fading and deterioration, corrosion, mold, moth-eaten, mouse-eaten, other similar grounds, etc.).
•   failures and damage primarily due to stolen, missing or out-of-warranty parts.
•   This warranty expires if the customer transfers or resells the product, or if the user changes.
•   If we do not find any damage or malfunction recognized by us in the product you sent, we may charge you for incidental costs such as freight.
    Thank you for your understanding.

​ and above.

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